Best Practices | Color Coded Name Badges

Best practices are key to successful meetings. Find out how you can use name tags and lanyards to keep attendees entering and exiting meeting space safely!

When hosting larger meetings in our current environment, there are new challenges that must be considered when attendees are entering and exiting the meeting space and it is important to limit the amount of people passing by each other. A new best practice to create minimal foot traffic is to assign attendee groups through color coded name badges or lanyards. The colors would be used for entry and dismissal from meeting rooms. When your color is called, that group of attendees would enter or exit the meeting room.

The color coding of the name badges is an easy way that you can eliminate and reduce any crowding or flow problems at your next meeting. At Meeting Sites Pro, our top priority is the safety of all attendees and this best practice is a great idea when you are hosting large meetings and conferences.

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