Attendee Engagement Best Practices – Wildly Different Teambuilding

As we continue to hold virtual meetings, it is important to find interactive ways to keep attendees engaged and still connected. We heard from the CEO of Wildly Different, Lisa Jennings, on how her team is creating engaging virtual activities to implement in your next meeting!

The games are generated straight from your phone and come in a variety of themes for groups to try and solve. If the meeting is held over zoom, people can breakout into different private rooms and solve the puzzles together. This will give attendees the opportunity to connect and interact with one another and take a break from the presentation.

At Meeting Sites Pro, we are always looking for ways to build a connection between attendees as we learn to navigate through this time of virtual events. We have partnered with Wildly Different on a face to face event and are excited to hear about their success in the virtual arena.

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