Weekly Spotlight: The Boom of Zoom

During this trying time in the meetings and events industry, we know our partnerships will help us through.

In light of this, we plan on doing a weekly spotlight post to recognize the partners we work with that help make our meetings run seamlessly.

In light of current events, face-to-face meetings have been put on pause and the the meetings and events industry is facing a complex shift in the way we do business now, and in the next coming months. As frightening as this may seem, we are taking this as an opportunity to learn and engage with new technology to build our skill-sets and versatility. One of the most helpful tools we use is online video meetings through Zoom. This platform has been the basis of how we stay connected as a company. We have found daily morning video calls with the entire team to be the most effective way to start the workday. This call gives everyone the opportunity to see and interact with each other as we normally would in person. We are also using this platform for some of our upcoming meetings including a couple advisory boards.  Zoom offers many great features that promote a fun and engaging environment for all.

Here are some of the benefits of Zoom we enjoy and encourage you all to use:

  • Virtual Backgrounds: Change your personal background with the use of this feature. For internal meetings this can be sandy beaches in Hawaii or personal photos of your dog and for more formal meetings, we recommend customizing a background with a company logo. You have the option to create your work environment!
  • Chat: Use the chat box to comment or ask questions to anyone in the meeting during your call.
  • Screen Sharing: Allow others to actively see what you are working on by sharing the visibility of your computer screen.
  • Polling: This is a great way to involve everyone in the call and gain a better understanding of your audience.
  • Reactions: Instantly react to the present conversation with the use of a thumbs-up or clapping hands; this allows others to communicate without disrupting the person who is speaking.

These are just a few tips and tricks on how to make your video calls more engaging. Zoom offers a variety of different features you can use to host a smooth and effective meeting on a much larger scale. Although a lot has changed in the past few weeks, we are glad we have the resources to stay connected, and we are excited for the future.

Check it out yourself!



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