Micro Hotels Still on the Rise

Micro hotels are becoming extremely popular in the hospitality world. 

There are numerous hotels popping up that offer just the basic overnight accommodations, including a small space to sleep and shower, and most times only one option for food & beverage. There are no signs of wasted space with only necessary furniture in these rooms, with some micro hotels offering guests nothing except a tiny bed and a vending machine. The trend began in Japan as a capsule hotel, and it slowly picked up all over the world. Now you can find variations of micro hotels almost anywhere.

The most recent version of the micro hotel is Marriott’s new millennial-focused brand, Moxy Hotels. While not a true micro hotel, Moxy Hotels are on the smaller and more affordable scale, with on-trend interiors and “instagram-worthy” themes.

They just opened their newest hotel in Times Square, making it the 3rd in the U.S. and the 14tharound the world that is open for reservations. There are 5 more locations in the metropolitan areas around the U.S. that are projected to open, including one in San Francisco and one in Seattle.
As part of the micro hotel trend, these boutique hotels have everything you’re looking for, and nothing you’re not.
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