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Site and Venue Selection

Meeting Sites Pro guarantees not only to save you time and money, but also to provide you with service that exceeds your expectations. We assist with the time consuming task of researching prospective meeting and event destinations while our clients are able to focus on their core business.  As an industry leader with venue partners around the world, we GUARANTEE the LOWEST rates and the GREATEST number of amenities.  Let us take this time consuming function off of your plate so that you can focus on your core business.     

Expectations of our service
We will be your single point of contact as our experts listen and provide support so you can focus on your core business.
We provide a comprehensive spreadsheet of proposed venues of interest, pricing, and recommendations to help you determine the best location.
You make the ultimate decision and we will solicit a contract from the venue/hotel for your approval.
We do the work and provide advice to you.  We inform the venue that you are the decision maker which keeps you in control.
With over ten years of experience in the hospitality industry representing various hospitality management companies, we are well trained and prepared for sharp contract negotiations.
Once a location is selected, you may choose to have a site inspection and get a first hand look at the venue. We will coordinate all aspects of that site visit for you.
Benefits of using our service
Meeting Sites Pro takes the labor-intensive, time-consuming task of locating, evaluating and contracting appropriate sites off your plate so that you may focus on your core business.
We have relationships around the world so there are no limitations to your location requests.
We do the work and present options to our client while leaving them in complete control as the decision maker.
You only need to explain yourself once instead of having to convey information to several different venues.
We recommend additional destinations or properties with which the planner may not be familiar.
We solicit proposals from several properties and present availability and pricing on one spreadsheet.
We provide sales kits or videos upon request.
We provide information on area restaurants and attractions.
We guarantee the LOWEST rates and negotiate the GREATEST number of amenities.
We provide the information quickly and efficiently, within 24-48 hours.
We will schedule site inspections for our clients. 
We provide expert advice to help finalize the decision of a site with our Client.
We provide guidance on confusing contractual language such as attrition and cancellation clauses.  We analytically review each clause and negotiate terms to protect our Clients.
After the contract is signed, we provide our Client with a one page summary outlining important due dates such as; deposits, attrition deadlines, and rooming lists.
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