Donor Spotlight – Crow Practice

In our new world of virtual meetings and events, we are faced with new challenges for how to make these programs engaging and interactive.

We often find ourselves glued to our computers and experiencing zoom fatigue from countless virtual meetings. However, we have found an amazing partner in Kristine Iverson, who is the founder and president of Crow Practice. Kristine has participated in several of our virtual meetings and webinars providing 5-minute refresh breaks that are interactive and get attendees out of their seats. Our Meeting Sites Pro team has enjoyed working with Kristine and Crow Practice and has found her virtual activities to be a great way for our team to refresh during the workday or a virtual meeting.

Crow Practice is focused on the health and wellness of their clients. They lead groups of participants in holistic health practices via fit sessions, workshops, presentations, and BeWell games and activities. They have added virtual options for conventions, companies, and community events. If you are looking to hold an in-person event, Crow Practice is still doing live sessions that will operate with appropriate social distancing and safety precautions. At Meeting Sites Pro, we have enjoyed learning from Kristine and still practice her techniques for quick refreshes throughout our days.

Contact Crow Practice:

Phone: 407-619-2075



Want to see Crow Practice in action? Check out Meeting Sites Pro Attendee Engagement webinar on August 6th, 2020 where Kristine Iverson was a panelist!


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Partner Spotlight

CROW Practice