Destination Hotels and Commune Hotels & Resorts Merge

Destination Hotels and Commune Hotels & Resorts completed a merger in late January.

 The companies together have 92 hotels, about $2 billion in property management revenue and now claim to be the largest independent boutique hotel operator in the country. 

Commune, which includes the Thompson and Joie de Vivre brands, mostly operates in urban areas, while Destination hotels are primarily found in resort areas. Commune CEO Niki Leondakis said the merger will fuse complementary businesses. “So it was a natural thing to ask what we can do if we come together,” Ms. Leondakis said.
The name of the new company and little details have been released about the ownership structure, however, the company will headquartered in Denver, Colorado where Destination is headquartered. The current Commune headquarter office in San Francisco will be maintained as a satellite office, along with offices in New York, Singapore and Shanghai.
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