Attendee Engagement Best Practices – Meeting Supplies from Sensational Baskets

Events are meant to bring people together, during this virtual time in the world its important to try and integrate that connection into your virtual events. Sending attendees something before the event can help create excitement and anticipation for the presentation. During our webinar last week on attendee engagement, we heard from the president of […]

Attendee Engagement Best Practices – Appealing Content from Sides Creative

As we continue to explore the world of virtual events, a topic that becomes even more important is how to create engaging content for attendees. On our latest webinar discussing attendee engagement, we heard from Dan Sides, the owner of Sides Creative, on some of his best practices he incorporates in his content for clients […]

Attendee Engagement Best Practices – SongDivision

During our weekly virtual webinar last week, we learned from one of our presenters at Song Division about fun and interactive games using music to keep attendees engaged throughout presentation. Song Division’s passion is believed that music is used to make events engaging and powerful. Music during a virtual event can give people hope during […]

Attendee Engagement Best Practices – Wildly Different Teambuilding

As we continue to hold virtual meetings, it is important to find interactive ways to keep attendees engaged and still connected. We heard from the CEO of Wildly Different, Lisa Jennings, on how her team is creating engaging virtual activities to implement in your next meeting! The games are generated straight from your phone and […]

Future of Face To Face Meetings | Virtual Think Tank

On May 14, 2020, Meeting Sites Pro, Inc. hosted a Virtual Think Tank to join with industry leaders and discuss the future of face to face meetings. The group split into breakout sessions to discuss PPE and Screening Policies, Meeting Room Set Up, Food and Beverage Options, and Meeting Flow, Registration, and Agenda Management before returning to […]