Best Practices – Multi-Course Plated Meals

As we get back to hosting face-to-face meetings, a great way to eliminate touchpoints for attendees is providing them with a premade multi-course plate.

The plate will have all food selections on one tray, so attendees are able to pick up food at a single place rather than multiple stations. In the picture, you can see the tray includes an appetizer, main course and two sides to eat with the main meal including dessert. This will assist in eliminating foot traffic at multiple food stations during a mealtime.

This type of food option could be served to the attendees at their table or be handed out at a station for them to grab on the way to their seats. Overall, the presentation of the plate is very appealing and can give attendees the reassurance that safety measures are being taken.

At Meeting Sites Pro., we are always looking for new and innovative ways to keep our attendees safe and fulfilled!

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