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As we navigate our return to face to face meetings, safety remains at the forefront of every decision we are making.

We are committed to managing face to face meetings strategically and with great care taken to ensure that we are providing a safe environment, mitigating problems, and offering resources to our clients and attendees. One of our partners in these efforts is InHouse Physicians.

Among other services, InHouse Physicians offers a comprehensive plan for COVID mitigation during in-person meetings. This includes pre-meeting and daily health surveys, an onsite medical professional, and post meeting follow up and contact tracing. While there are no guarantees, taking these actions has added a layer of safety and peace of mind to our meetings as well as provided an opportunity for thoughtful and effective contingency plans in the face of an issue.

Safety is a shared responsibility, but we have found that using InHouse Physicians allows us to focus on the logistics, our clients to focus on content, and our attendees to focus on engaging in and enjoying the meeting.

We are always looking for new ways to move forward with face to face meetings safely and successfully. Please share your best practices as we are all in this together.

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