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In our new virtual space, our Meeting Sites Pro team has begun hosting a variety of webinars to assist our industry with getting back to business.

For these webinars, we are always on the lookout for new fun and interactive ways to keep our attendees engaged and participating in polls, Q&A and discussing in the chat section. You may have noticed that recently, we have been using a new engagement tool and you can now find QR codes throughout our presentations that can easily be scanned using your phone camera.

Not only do these QR codes offer an easy and convenient way for attendees to access various resources and links, but they can also assist with keeping attendees engaged. We place the QR codes throughout the presentation slides and try to make them blend in, so attendees have to actively looking for them throughout the webinar. By implementing this best practice into your next virtual event, you can keep your attendees engaged and interacting during your meeting.

Looking for more ways to engage your attendees? Check out our attendee engagement webinar HERE:

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