B&B Hotels: Goldman Sachs Looks to Make Massive Investment

Goldman Sachs is in discussion with PAI Partners to purchase B&B Hotels from them for a massive sum of $2.1 billion.

PAI Partners had previously acquired the brand three years ago, which included 320 properties. Today, B&B Hotels has expanded into Spain, Italy, and Germany and includes 486 properties with 42,832 rooms. If sold to Goldman Sachs at $2.1 billion, this would be three times the amount that PAI Partners had originally acquired it for. With this exponential growth, Fabrice Collet, CEO of B&B Hotels, is looking to further its global expansion potentially with Goldman Sachs as a major investor. As a company with clients all over the world, we are excited to see this rising brand continue to grow internationally!

For more information, please visit: https://tophotel.news/goldman-sachs-in-talks-to-buy-bb-hotels-for-2-1-billion/

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